Violent crimes are taken very seriously in Massachusetts and prosecutors are aggressive when pursuing convictions. With charges like assault and battery, robbery, and home invasion, it’s important that you have a full and fair opportunity to raise any defense you may have to the charges. Cases involving allegations of violent crime often have bad facts and everybody involved is emotional, but with careful attention to detail, investigation, and a commitment to understanding the entire situation, we can help clients reach the best possible result in their case, whether through trial or some other resolution.

The attorneys of Elkins, Auer, Rudof & Schiff have a solid reputation in the courts of Northampton, Springfield and all of western Massachusetts. We know how to defend crimes of violence.

It’s Time to Find Out What Really Happened

When an assault and battery case is brought to trial, the only thing that the jury knows is that the defendant has been accused of physically attacking someone else – but as anyone who has been involved in these situations knows, there is much more to it than that. You could be arrested for assault and battery even if you acted in self-defense or were protecting someone else. Many people try to explain this to the police when they are arrested, but law enforcement’s only job is to arrest the most likely suspect for the charge in question. Hammering out the details is left to the court.

If your case is brought to trial, the prosecution will need to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that your actions warrant punishment from the justice system. There are many things your defense attorney can do to prevent this.

The following needs to be addressed when an assault and battery case is brought to trial:

  • Did the defendant physically touch the alleged victim intentionally or was it an accident?
  • Was the defendant aware that their actions would cause physical harm to another person?
  • Did the alleged victim consent to being touched?
  • Was the defendant acting in self-defense?
  • Was the defendant acting to prevent the alleged victim from hurting another person?

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